About Us

You can read about us here or, better yet, stop by and see for yourself!


Wild Manta opened its doors in December, 2011. We have a singular focus and that is to strengthen our community through creating an innovative cluster of lasting companies and exportable products. Our mission is to create and develop locally owned and operated businesses who export innovative products and/or services that have a positive impact on the local and national economy. We have created a world-class facility and made it open to the public so everyone can see how products are created and get their products to market. We mentor, we showcase, we lead; and we want to be your trusted partner on the journey. We have absolutely the best customers. They are inspired, motivated, and are willing to help each other. This cluster of innovative, sharing companies and people allows any business or any person with a passion for sharing their knowledge to help others to grow our community!

We are a locally owned and operated commercial business. We assure you, our passion for design and building companies comes through in every meeting. We are always approachable and responsive and enjoy sharing our experiences and our network of connections with our customers. Some folks ask how we contrast ourselves with Incubators, Accelerators or Engineering Services companies. The best way to explain it is that we are in it for the long haul. We want to be a partner that will walk the path with you from the very beginning and will keep helping and expanding your business for decades. We have the up-front knowledge of an incubator combined with the execution capability of an engineering company capped off with manufacturing and distribution expertise.



Wild Manta grew out of a desire to serve our community in a way that build long-term value and relationships that will last a lifetime while building the local economy. We saw so many local companies (both large and small) struggling to develop new products and having to piece-meal out the design of their product or failing because they did not have access to a robust innovative cluster of companies for support. So, we created one... from scratch! We believe what we offer is unique in the area and one of only a few in the country. Also, we do not limit ourselves to high-tech. We work in multiple domains including electronics, sporting goods, medical devices, and craft/toy areas.

The founders of Wild Manta have deep roots in corporate and product development in the government, commercial, and retail areas. Combined, we have developed hundreds products/projects that have sold tens of thousands of these products. We are pleased to work with corporations to develop, transition technologies, commercialize SBIR technology, and build multi-year product road maps that create a legacy. Wild Manta is a friendly place while remaining absolutely serious about bringing value to each and every customer.

But, we don't do it alone. While we have an extensive background in design and execute programs internally, we have also assembled an extensive network of equally innovative legal, financial, branding, marketing, design, manufacturing and distribution partners. We have carefully chosen every one of our partners because they are like-minded in their passion for the customer, their work ethic and their desire to build your company and our economy. In 2017, we helped launch the Legacy Angel Network that is also committed to investing seed funding in the community.


Wild Manta is always open for you. We are open 5 days per week and intentionally built our facility so you feel comfortable coming in and doing some work, having a meeting, or doing some planning. You will run into other business folks doing the same thing!