Wild Manta's customers range from new-start to established corporations to Government Contracts. We realize products and systems from initial concept through production and distribution.

Start with an idea, Finish with sales

Our focus is on the entire experience. We go beyond the "blind coding or engineering design" and "pretty graphics". Using our development method, the actual product becomes an experience rather than just a device or thing. Our team is eager to share our years of expertise building government and commercial products and systems. From this experience, we learned the most successful companies, products, or systems are those that focus on the customer experience in addition to the technology.

If you are looking to develop a new product (App or physical product), commercialize a technology, or develop an entire system, Wild Manta is the right choice. We work with all phases of companies but are the most impactful when we start from the beginning. This includes corporate formation, culture definition, branding, strategy, intellectual property creation, product conceptualization, prototyping, full development, testing, transition to manufacturing, marketing and production. We also help with muti-year product road maps that expand your core competitive advantage into the future creating a lasting company. We have a great team that can act in an advisory role or we can do the entire product for you.

Some of our fantastic current and past customers