We turn Ideas into products

Established in December 2011 in Palm Bay, Florida, Wild Manta is a locally owned applied research company. Our focus is on cultivating an innovative culture and developing cutting-edge products that strengthen the community. We aim to build locally owned businesses that export innovative products and services, positively impacting the local and national economy.

Distinguishing ourselves from incubators, accelerators, or engineering services companies, we work across the entire product lifecycle to ensure a success product launch into your respective industry.

What we do

We collaborate with accomplished companies and business people to be more competative in their field, assisting them in transforming ideas into marketable products to enhance their value proposition and foster growth.

How does that work

We lead our clients through a distinctive product development process, offering mentorship, expertise, and skilled professionals to ensure success. Each project is assessed individually and matched with a dedicated team of mentors and doers. This team collaborates directly with the customer throughout the design, development, and launch phases, ensuring superior outcomes at every stage, from inception to completion.


We work with our customers to oversee each stage, from requirements gathering to marketing, ensuring excellence in execution.


Our model if focused on enhanced data quality, superior resources, and an increased likelihood of success for all parties involved.


Ultimately, we empower others to surpass their envisioned goals by collaborating with individuals with proven track records in similar achievements.

Technical expertise

We have worked in the technology industry creating new products for over 35 years from concept through production. We have developed small electronic widgets to complex nationwide network communications systems. Our expertise focuses on products that need custom hardware and/or software along with a technical challenge we can participate in solving.

Applied research

Applied research involves solving a complex technical problem that is an enabler for a specific application. Sometimes that is overcoming a size constraint. Sometimes it is power, and sometimes it is inventing a device that does something that has not been previously done with electronics. We have decades fo experience across hundreds of projects and product solving problems and building systems that advance and improive our lives. Whether it be managing communications in our air traffic control system, helping our military train, or helping your beloved pet stay healthy, we are focused on the goal of improving people's lives.

From the beginning

It starts with what we call an "inspired insight". This is viewing an area of life differently and conceptualizing that it can be done a better way. This is the beginning. This is where the excitement and adventure is. That inspiration can come from your job, life, driving down the road, or the proverbial singing in the shower. We are here to help you through the process of converting that insight into a product in the market.


Not an incubator

We would not consider ourselves a start-up incubator. Our clients are typically successful commercial businesses or business people that want to productize an idea. They're usually experts in the domain, and we come alongside to build a product that significantly increases their durable competitive advantage. We build lasting projects, products, and systems. Our goal is long-term relationships with thriving companies or agencies that create a long list of successful endeavors, employ people and are anchors in their community. We hope to still be working together 20 years from now when you have a $100M+ enerprise.