Product portfolio

An AI powered underwater exploration drone, advances in medical treatment tech, even a nationally recognized pet product (as seen on Shark Tank). We have a proven track record of bringing visions to reality.

Seafarer Exploration (SFRX)

Customer story

It was our integration with Seafarer Exploration that took it from a traditional "treasure hunting" outfit, to the defining high tech exploration company on the east coast.

Product: The Seasearcher

The Seasearcher is an Ai powered underwater exploration drone that combines a series of technologies and sensors in a way that has never been done before.

Hovering over the ocean floor, the Seasearcher can pin-point the location of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, discriminate between each type, and send back real time data with coordinates, depth, hardness, and more, without ever disturbing the ocean floor.

This quantum leap in archeological technology will allow Seafarer to discover and conserve precious cultural resource deposits in a new predictable repeatable process that, prior to the Seasearcher, has been a process that's relied on luck and time.

Customer quote

“Our confidence increases with every site we scan with the SeaSearcher. Because the SeaSearcher is based on AI machine learning algorithms, The more it learns, combined with known training sets, the more its abilities increase and the more it focuses our efforts towards high-precision, surgical archaeology."

- Kyle Kennedy | CEO, Founder

Swift Paws

Customer story

Meghan Wolfgram had a show stopping product idea that ended up landing her the "Golden Ticket" on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank! But when we started working with Megan, she was still running production out of her business partners garage. We helped the Swift Paws team re-design their flagship product in a way that caught the eye of a few LA Executives and brought her company to the biggest stage in start-ups!

Product outcome

The Swift Paws Home Kit was designed to make Lure Coursing a fun, safe, and a healthy at home activity for dogs in the comfort of their own backyard. We worked with the Swift Paws team to develop a product for the market that was an affordable at home Lure System, with built-in Safety features that keep Pets Safe while playing.The results were a extremely successful  kickstarter campaign, Shark Tank Special, ESPN coverage, and a nationally recognized Brevard-based export.

Customer quote: Amazon Review

"Our rescue dog Maggie suffers from fear and anxiety. It was not until we found Swift Paws that we saw quite a remarkable change in our dog Maggie; she is now more relaxed and mentally satisfied after a Swift Paws session."

-Karen W.


Customer story

Avancen is a patient care & reporting enterprise that partnered with us looking for a better way to manage the patient medication and pain care process.

Product: The Avancen Mod 2.0

Our solution was the Avancen Mod 2.0, a safe and reliable medication control unit that revolutionized the process for both patients and healthcare providers.

This award winning integration ensures medication is always dispensed on time, and records patient pain data that is automatically synced with the larger MOD Trac Reporting System.

Safer, More Cost Effective Care

The MOD® 2.0 device may help hospitals reduce costs in materials, equipment and staff time.The MOD® 2.0 device is an easier, safer, non-invasive PCA device. There is less risk of medication error since eight doses of the same medication are validated at one time.

Partners — not clients

Leave no stone unturned


Got questions about our process, timelines, or how we can work together? We've got you covered. Dive in, and let's make your journey with Wild Manta as smooth as possible.

Is Wild Manta an Incubator?

We do not consider ourselves to be a start-up incubator. Our clients are typically successful commercial businesses or business people that want to productize. They're usually subject matter experts in their domain, and we come alongside to build a product that significantly increases their durable competitive advantage.

We build lasting projects, products, and systems. Our goal is long-term relationships with thriving companies or agencies that create a long list of successful endeavors, employ people and are anchors in their community. We hope to still be working together 20 years from now when you have a $100M+ company.

What kind of companies does Wild Manta work with? 

From a small company perspective, we are looking for a minimum product revenue potential of $3M-$5M in annual sales within a few years. This creates a healthy company or product line that employs people and serves as a stable source of income to the owner. From a large company perspective, we work direct on a contract basis. From a Government perspective, we are an applied research company that is also a HUBZone certified business. That is very rare.

What do you mean by "Applied Research Center"?

Wild Manta primarily focuses projects or products that involve improving the human condition or life experience. Our customers typically have an end item in mind whether that is an Software-based Solution, App, Widget or entire system and some inspired insight into technology, market, or lifestyle improvement. We bring that insight into reality across a broad range of high and low tech products. The common theme is a significant technical challenge that will benefit from applied research. In short, we are not an engineering labor subcontractor, nor do we do lab experiments with no end goal in mild. We use research principles and scientific rigor to create new and emerging products.

When does Wild Manta get involved in the productization process?

While we can work any phase, we work best when we are involved from the beginning so we can match the product concepts with the brand and culture of the company. We also like to be involved in the research that leads to the definition of the final product/project. This is where we create the most value. We can work with you from the very beginning and design something specific to the market/problem. We don't need a specification. We can help you generate one!

Can you help protect my Intellectual Property?

We work to both create and document your intellectual property. We work with an IP counsel that is reasonable and approachable to make sure your ideas are protected. Or, we can work with your IP counsel to make sure your IP is protected.

What if my product idea is for the Government?

We have extensive experience in government contracting. If your product is for the Government, we can help with company structure and introductions, as well. While our goal is commercial viability, we will work with customers that sell only to the Government.

How do I get started with Wild Manta?

It starts with a call or a face-to-face meeting. We want to meet you to discuss your product, company, and vision. We have a new-start package to give you which goes over how we work, contact info, a short questionnaire, and some helpful articles on our method for bringing a product to market.